Badger. Pronghorn. Swift fox. Coyote. Wild turkey. Mountain plover. Long-billed curlew. Scaled quail. Green heron. Mountain lion. Bobcat. And even bighorn sheep! Welcome to the Colorado Prairie Wildlife Photo Trail, where all these animals live.

Swift Fox
Swift Fox

A number of landowners on the Colorado Birding Trail are now offering fee-based access to their property specifically to wildlife photographers. These photo sites vary in size from a few hundred to over 20,000 acres. Some are on flat, short grass prairie. Others are in rimrock canyon country. Most are working ranches and farms. It is critical that visitors follow owners' instructions about care of their properties.

Many sites offer lodging or camping. Others are located near motels or campgrounds. In the near future, some will provide blinds near places frequented by birds and other small animals. A number of sites currently offer tours.

To learn more about the individual sites, please click on “Photo Sites” below. You will go to a map that includes a link to a webpage with detailed information for each site on the Photo Trail.

As you can tell, the Colorado Prairie Wildlife Photo Trail is a work in progress. We hope you will seek adventure at one or more of the sites in the near future.

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