Note: A photo team has not yet visited this site.

Some Photogenic Wildlife: Scaled quail, sage and prairie animals as yet undetermined.

Surprises: The owners' spirited horses are picturesque in their own right. And the owners' animal sculptures and other western metal work are breath-taking. Bird feeders and a large water trough attract birds near the owner's front door, although there is no blind.

Onsite Accomodations: Facilities for campers and trailers are being developed on-site.

Contact: Tom and Denise Werner 719-523-4105 at least 48 hours before you hope to visit.


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Photo Trail Requirements: This is a working ranch and a private residence. You must call ahead to reserve a mutually convenient time for your visit. On the ranch, remember to stay on roads. Leave gates as you find them (open or closed). Leave no trace of your visit. Take nothing from the ranch except your pictures. If landowners modify these rules or make others, please respect their wishes.

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