View from a Hill on Wilson Ranch
Red Rocks and Junipers on Wilson Ranch

Some Photogenic Wildlife: Burrowing owls, long-billed curlew, mountain plover, great horned owl, nesting raptors, mule deer, pronghorn, swift fox, bobcat and colorful dragonflies. See Photo Album.

Young Pronghorn Buck

Surprise: Historic homesteads, rock houses and caves. Beautiful canyons and rock outcrops. Gorgeous quilts at the ranch home. If you wish, discuss opportunities to photograph western ranch life at a nearby ranch.

Lodging: Bed 'n' Breakfast at ranch home. Check with the landowner.

Contact: Max and Vanessa Wilson 719-456-1051 or

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Photo Trail Requirements: This is a working ranch and a private residence. You must call ahead to reserve a mutually convenient time for your visit. On the ranch, remember to stay on roads. Leave gates as you find them (open or closed). Leave no trace of your visit. Take nothing from the ranch except your pictures.

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